Greetings and welcome to the fanlisting collective of Kendra (otherwise known as Kendurah). I've been a fanlisting owner since late 2002 and have been enjoying the hobby ever since. I've had a variety of subjects over the years, but some are still holding strong. Want to see what I own? Go look at the current owned fanlisting bit of the site! All navigation is to the left of all this writing stuff, but here's a sitemap just in case it's a pain to read!

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Are you a fan of me? *squeals*

Thank you, Prentylove!

Here at, there are currently 16 owned fanlistings, with 0 on upcoming. There are 1570 fans in total! I have joined 255 fanlistings in 54 categories. And hey - look at this! The collective has 41 affiliates!


I bet you're thinking this layout is oddly dark for me, correct? Well, it is! I'm going through a System of a Down listening spree the last few weeks, and I thought I'd try and pull off one of those grungy-trendy-like layouts! How'd I do? All the photos used are from and the brushes I've used are all linked in my resource post. If there are any errors with the layout/site, please let me know!

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